Back pain sufferers 

Choose a car with an adjustable lumbar support (and use it). Alternatively, keep a flat cushion in the car for use in the small of your back. 
Choose a car with a higher kerb height to make getting in and out less stressful on the spine. 
Depressing the clutch increases the pressure on your back so choose an automatic to avoid this. 
Power steering also significantly reduces the load on the spine. 

Keep moving 

It’s not just the driver who can stiffen up in a car. Passengers are often seated for long periods of time in a fixed position. 
Movement is the key for car, driver or passenger. 
As a passenger, try to alter your position from time to time and sit with your knees bent and thighs level and comfortable. Avoid sitting with your legs crossed. Move them regularly. 
For driver and passengers, stop regularly, ideally once an hour, especially when feeling tired. Get out of your vehicle and walk around it several times. 
Stretch like a cat, gently moving your arms around, bringing your knees up to your hips, and stretching your whole body. 


Prevention is better than cure 
Sit properly, drive relaxed 
Osteopaths can advise on posture 
Osteopaths treat neck and back pain – and a great many other things as well. 
If you are unlucky enough to be involved in a road accident osteopathy can help relieve the pain of injury, especially whiplash-type injuries. 
Osteopaths are often asked by solicitors to write medico-legal reports on accident victims, to help them claim compensation. 
Driving, back pain
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