Shouldering the Burden 

Carrying bags is part of normal life, from handbags to rucksacks, from briefcases to suitcases - but start thinking about what you are carrying and how you carry it because it might just drag you down. 
School children nowadays carry more than they used to do because many schools do not have sufficient locker space. Think about: 
1. Even loading. One bag in each hand to balance up the load. 
2. Rucksacks are great because the load is carried centrally and close to the spine reducing the work your muscles have to do. Use both straps to keep the load more even. 
3. Think what you need for the day. Don’t carry more than is necessary. 
Handbags present pretty much the same issues: 
1. Clear out your handbag frequently! Don’t carry more than you need. 
2. Even loading. Try not to carry on the same shoulder all the time. 
3. Handbags with rucksack straps are great because the load is central. 
Briefcases can also become ridiculously heavy. As the days and weeks go by, more and more stuff goes in and, before you know it, your case weighs a tonne! (Well, maybe not quite a tonne): 
1. Sort out what you actually need and file the rest. 
2. If you are a business traveller, get yourself a briefcase with wheels and a pulling handle – there are some very stylish ones available. 
3. Think paperless. Many tasks can be done electronically, reducing the need to have so much printed material and reducing how much you have to carry. And while more sophisticated IT systems should reduce paper…….it doesn’t always work in practice. However, it is still worth making the change. 
School children & carrying
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